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Cellis is a rapper and songwriter from Baltimore Maryland. His current project Snow Day is now available to download.






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#verseDrop 2


You ever do something you knew was right and didn’t give a fuck about whoever thought it was wrong? 

You ever taken the time to take a step back and understand a perspective that wasn’t yours?

This week I did both.

This isn’t about gay, straight, black or white; this is about loving yourself so much that the people around you feel love for themselves.

This was about letting a community know that they’re free from judgement, free to love, free to kiss, free to let go.

This is about erasing the stereotypes set before and acknowledging the everyday societal issues. 

Understanding every community on this planet is the greatest gift we could ever achieve, I’ll use the things I create to get there.

I can’t wait for this generation to stand with me